...McNando displays great skills reviving the traditional Celtic material, by blending it in with a circular sound weaving in a strong rhythmic and musical pep. The music impact is absolutely explosive and at times almost possessed..."
Franco Violinazzi

"...McNando's performances are sensational shows, thanks to the uniqueness of the instrumental combination, to the expressive use of effects, to the eclectic repertoire, to the musical acobatics..."
Joe Chitarroni - Rock & Tarock Journal

"...McNando releases an emotional strength never seen before, creating a dark, visionary, hyperbolic sound, which alternates persistent rhythms with melodic elaborations of an astonishing beauty...."
Gino and Gustavo Mixerini

"...always playing beyond his possibilities, with extreme instrumentalisms and surreal virtuosisms, McNando awakes the dark side of the Celt that lies in everyone of us..."
Prof Александр - psychiatric university of Mosca